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Buying Guide for the Most Badass Women's Riding Gear


Make a statement with riding gear and custom motorcycle parts.You can select apparel that shows your love for your favorite bike brands and protective gear designed for functionality, safety and style. Find out more about gear that can personalize and enhance your riding experience.


Goggles and Helmets


Wear goggles or helmets to protect your eyes, face and head while riding. Choose from colors that correspond to your bike design or favorite riding apparel. Helmets designed for off-road, sport or street riding are available with full face, modular or more open designs. Make sure headwear provides a comfortable, snug fit. If your measurements fall between two sizes, try on the smaller size first.


Riding Apparel


The right apparel can increase your aerodynamic advantage for racing or provide comfort for off-road or street riding. Choose from jackets to stay warm, keep out rain and snow or wick away sweat for lasting comfort. Depending on your riding style and the weather, you may prefer top-grain leather or synthetic materials with built-in protectors, reinforced areas and reflective accents.


Sport riders may want to consider jerseys, suits and performance riding jackets and pants. Any rider may appreciate pants designed with riding in mind, such as ballistic performance designs, classic chaps, fitted yoga-style pants, functional jeans or motorcycle bibs.


Footwear and Gloves


Riding footwear and motorcycle gloves are important parts of any riding ensemble. Depending on your riding style and the weather, you may prefer boots or anti-slip shoes with a lower profile. Footwear protects your feet and ankles from your bike, the elements and the road. Extend this protection to your hands with riding gloves that feature padding to absorb handlebar vibration or other features for increased comfort.


The most badass riding gear combines protective and practical features with a stylish flare. Shop at a retailer that carries genuine products from brands you trust.


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