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Can Hair Loss Be Restored Through Non-Surgical Operation?


More often than not, hair loss is a problem that is normally way out of your control. Many people suffering from this problem have tried different treatment to no avail. What you should know is that baldness is sometimes a genetic problem. This means that if you have the baldness genes, baldness will eventually catch up with you even after using different options to prevent hair loss.

But you shouldn’t give up yet. Hair restoration treatment helps to reverse this condition giving you a permanent solution to your problem thereby guaranteeing you a new look. There is a misconception that hair loss is a problem that is prevalent to men only. Truth be told both men and women are prone to hair loss. Men try to cope with the problem but for women, it is worse. It ends up affecting their self-esteem thus resulting to use of wigs, cups, and scarves in an effort to hide the condition.

There are various options available for dealing with hair loss both surgical and non-surgical. Surgical treatment involves methods such as Follicle Unit Extraction, NeoGraft LTS Red or Green Procedure.

Laser Hair Regrowth

This method normally works for those who have long hair in parts of the scalp and the follicle is not permanently damaged. People with thinning hair, receding hairlines, and some baldness are most likely to benefit from this treatment. For best results, it’s advisable to have a thorough diagnosis performed by a qualified specialist before embarking on any treatment. The specialist should be able to prescribe the best treatment for you.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is the oldest method that has been in use. Doctors have been conducting research which has resulted in advancement in technology in the field. The new techniques discovered are considered safe, painless, have short recovery time and guarantees workable results.

One of the advanced treatments is the Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE). This is an invasive procedure that involves transplanting hair from a donor area to the affected areas. The procedure normally takes approximately eight hours depending on the extent of the damage and you are expected to recover after 7 days.

You are guaranteed to see the results after around 20 weeks. The beauty of this procedure is that it uses natural hair from the individual undergoing the treatment and it gives a permanent hair restoration. Alternatively, there is also Neograft LTS/Green procedure that can be used.

Is there any special care needed after undergoing non-surgical hair restoration?

The hair needs a specialized care in order to maintain the natural effect. This means that you cannot visit your usual barbershop for a haircut. After the treatment, the hair clinic should be your best friend.

The extent of your hair loss dictates the number of therapy sessions you should attend. You should always bear in mind that this is a lifetime investment whereby special care is needed in order to maintain the natural look.


Non-surgical hair restoration guarantees you instant results and it can be used over a long period of time. The technique is less invasive thus no pain or discomfort associated with it. It is also affordable compared to surgical hair replacement procedures.  





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