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Cosmetic Induced Acne: Avoid These Makeup Ingredients If You Want Acne Free Skin

When we experience acne breakouts, the first thing that we usually do is to find a way on how to conceal them. And most often than not, we rely on concealers, foundation, primer (the works!) to help us hide our blemishes. And of course, it works for almost all of us all the time, right?


Well, what if we tell you that it is possible that the makeup products that you use to conceal your blemishes can become the cause of your acne breakouts? That is ironic, right? Well, sadly, that is how the world goes.


Lucky for you, we are here to help you prevent the condition that many experts call cosmetic induced acne.


The Makeup Ingredients that May Cause Acne

Many of us don't know that there are certain ingredients in makeup that have been proven to cause acne. If you wish to enjoy the acne free skin, here are some of the ingredients that you may want to avoid.


1.    Algae Extract

These are often found in moisturizers, and liquid foundation and are said to be one of the best nature's skin conditioners. However, experts have declared this extract to be a comedogenic which means that it can block the pores, which may lead to the development of acne. In fact, it has been rated 5 in the comedogenic scale so you may also consider it to be a skin irritant.


2.    Silicones

This group of products refers to the chemicals that are formulated to make cosmetics to feel silky and smooth. These are ingredients that are responsible for making the product to easily glide on the skin.


However, these ingredients may make the skin dry. Worse, they also clog the pores which may pave the way to skin infection and unwanted acne breakout. In addition to that, they may also cause pore scarring and skin redness.


Some of the most commonly used silicones in the cosmetics industry include siloxane, Dimethicone, methicone, trimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, silsesquioxane, cyclohexasiloxane, stearoxytrimethylsilane, trimethylsiloxycilate, and methylpolysiloxane.


3.    Fragrance

This chemical is usually added to the formulation of cosmetics to give them a nice smell that many people will love. In addition to that, these are sometimes used to mask the unwanted smell of an ingredient in the formulation.  


However, fragrances are known to be some of the most irritating ingredients in the skin irritation which may lead to acne breakout. These are often found in lipsticks which may cause swollen lip pimple.


Fragrances are often listed in the ingredients label as parfum, fragrance, Linalool, geraniol, or essential oils. To be safe, we recommend that you reach out for cosmetics product that claims to be fragrance-free.


4.    Lauric Acid

This is considered to be a fatty acid, so a lot of people consider this as an amazing cosmetics and skin care ingredient. However, this is one fatty acid that you may want to avoid.


This is because this acid ranked four on the comedogenic scale, meaning it is highly likely that this ingredient may clog pores.


5.    Colorants

These chemicals are designed to make cosmetics products look nice. However, colorants are deemed to be highly irritating. In addition to that, it may also increase your skin's sensitivity. In addition to that, these chemicals are also said to be pore clogging.


The worst thing about colorants is that FDA does not require the manufacturer to state what are the chemicals used to develop the colorants. Most of the dyes that are used in cosmetics contain up to 200 different chemicals that can be harmful to the skin.


The various terms of colorants in the ingredient's list include FD & C or D&C followed by a color and a number.


6.    Parabens

These chemicals act as preservatives for cosmetics, meaning they are the ones responsible for extending the shelf life of the makeup product. These chemicals do that by inhibiting the mold growth in the product.


However, it has been recently found out that these chemicals are also hormone disruptors, meaning they can mess up the hormone levels in the body. And as we all know, chaos in our hormonal system can lead to the break out of acne. The worst thing about these chemicals is that they have also been linked to increased risk of breast cancer when used overtime.


Parabens are listed in most cosmetics as ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and butylparaben.  


7.    Alcohol

This ingredient is so commonly used in cosmetics products that some companies have to label their products as alcohol-free just to assure people. Alcohols are used in cosmetics products because they can improve the penetration of the other ingredients in the products.


But as we all know, alcohols can be drying and irritating to the skin. In addition to that, it may also cause free radical damage and ultimately, acne breakouts.


You can find alcohols in most cosmetics, and they are often listed as denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, cetyl alcohol, hexadecyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, oleyl alcohol, isocetyl alcohol, and many more.


8.    Ammonium and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Before, sulfates are used in almost all skin care products. But now, these products are frowned upon in the cosmetics industry. These chemicals are used as surfactants which can allow the product sud up better.


It is also for this same reason that these chemicals are extremely drying to the skin. Once the skin has dried, the sebum production in the body goes into overdrive which can lead to the excessive production of oil in the skin which increases the risk of acne breakout. That is why it is important that you opt for products that are labeled sulfate-free.


Makeup products can be your skin's best friend, but if you don't correctly choose the makeup products that you use, they may end up to be your skin's worst enemy! If you wish to keep your skin clear and acne-free, we recommend that you avoid the products that contain the ingredients that we have mentioned above. 


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