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Cosmetic Procedures Are the New Make-Up


Human wants are unlimited. Once a want is satisfied, another pops up and then another and the process goes on and one until the very last breath. Being susceptible to these never-ending wants and demands has led the entire human race to its present circumstances. One such thing humans crave more than anything else is physical attractiveness. This desire has taken us very far in our quest for achieving the ‘ideal’ look which holds up to the standards of perfection.

Cosmetic surgery is the branch of medical procedures which caters to this desire of humanity. Where plastic surgery entails correction of deformities, it is a cosmetic surgery that solely caters to bodily enhancement and perfectionism. So much that is has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the last decade. Being a major contributing area to a nation’s GDP, cosmetic surgery has proved its potential to become even more prominent in the future.

Added to that, the technological advancements have led to an entirely new set of procedures which were not heard of in the past. But what started as a barbaric procedure has slowly turned into a ray of hope for people suffering from challenging conditions such as third-degree burns after an accident, or sagging skin on their forehead making it difficult to see properly.

According to a report on cosmetic surgeries published by Medzino, the following countries are the hotspots of cosmetic and plastic surgeries in the world

After a closer look, it is evident that America is the most active country in the world when it comes to getting cosmetic surgeries performed. It should be noted that this can be due to multiple reasons. One of the biggest reasons amongst those is the western ideology that bigger is always better. The fixation of beauty and youth and obsession with Hollywood has led to the perception of conventional beauty in America.

Another interesting aspect of the report which caught the eye of most readers is the comparison between men and women when it comes to spending time and money on their physical appearance. According to the study, both genders, males and females are now spending equally on cosmetic surgeries. This is indicative of modern times as looking attractive is craved equally by both sexes. How far are they willing to go for enhancing their looks? Let have a dekko at the results from the report.

Women are still ahead of men in the cosmetic surgery game. This may be due to the fact that women have had more plastic surgeries since the beginning, and thus there are fewer types of cosmetic surgeries available for men. The surgeries which do not depend upon the gender of the patient like liposuction and tummy tuck, are still undertaken by men more than women, by a huge margin of 85% and 86% respectively.

For more astonishing insights on trends regarding cosmetic surgery like the most popular cosmetic surgeries by country and the role and impact of cosmetic surgery on the sex life of individuals, and read the full report here.

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