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Do Not Choose These Materials for Kitchen Renovation

What else can so significantly and instantly increase the value of your property and make it look more high-end and luxurious as kitchen renovation, especially if your upgrades are done professionally with the right choice of materials?Experts of House Renovations share with you their experience of what materials is better to avoid if you are planning a kitchen remodel.

Plastic laminate

If you consider of installing laminate, avoidits plastic type because itis not durable and resistant to heat and water. It gets scratched very easily and looks cheap and shabby. Laminate flooring is a good alternative option for bedrooms or a living area, but not for a bathroom or kitchen.Besides, there are other options that will work well in a kitchen.

Sheet vinyl flooring

Kitchen is the area with heavy foot traffic and the quality of flooring really matters. Maybe, the main attraction to vinyl floor covering has always been its low cost, but vinyl tends to be very thin, so it is inappropriate choice for kitchen. Besides, if your vinyl floor is glued down and the underlayment gets delaminated by water seeping from your dishwasher or refrigerator, you will get bubbles in your floor.

Matte paint

Matte paint is very hard to clean. Using a cleaner and wiping down makes it possible to ruin the layer of paint and have to do wall repainting. A glossier paint for the kitchen is an excellent choice while matte paints suit the bedrooms and living spaces.

Trendy backsplashes

New fresh ideas as for backsplashes are appearing and changing yearly. Trendy backsplash material today may easily go out of style in the next few years. Glass and metal backsplashes are popular right now for kitchen wall tile installation, but it is hard to predict its popularity in a few years. Instead of looking for the hottest trend now, choose a classic style of tiles for your kitchen.

Marble countertops

Elegant marble is a sign of luxury and durability; in addition it is incredibly popular and beautiful material. However, itis very whimsical, as it requires high maintenance and frequent proper cleanings, moreover, it can easily get scratched. If you are looking for a high-end countertop solution, opt for granite instead.

Lacquer cabinets

Easily scratched and hard to fix. If you are a real fan of shiny look of lacquer, choose more durable options such as thermofoil, which looks the same but serves much longer.



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