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Does Gym Wear Effect Your Performance

'Dress for success' has never been truer than when used in the domain of exercise and sport. Going to the gym is a great time for many people, it’s a wonderful way to stay fit and get into shape and many guys love to make sure their body is looking in great condition, but did you know that what you choose to wear to the gym or to workout influences your performance on the sports field and in the gym.


You may think that it doesn't matter what you wear to workout - you’re going to get hot and sweaty anyway, so why not just slip into a worn out t-shirt and beat up shorts?



But you couldn't be more wrong! Studies in the field of cognition have shown the positive impact of wearing the right clothes for your workplace. Termed ‘enclothed cognition,’ this phenomenon extends to sports and fitness too!


The right kind of gym wear can massively improve performance. For example, a top that is made of non-breathable material is going to stop the release of heat from your body. This results in excessive heating and discomfort that cuts short your exercise time.


In an attempt to get the best deal people can often buy the wrong clothing just because it’s cheap. But, those shorts you got for 70% off, probably don’t fit well. They looked like a great deal at first but in retrospect – paying full price gets you better value over the long run.


Other specialist clothing includes compression clothing, which provides graduated compression to stimulate circulation. The result is a massaging effect which stimulates blood flow.


So where should you by your gym wear?


A problem when going to the gym is making sure that you look good, not in terms of your body – but with your clothing! Gymgator is a gym wear brand that offers apparel for aesthetically aware athletes. People that wear their products, it is an organisation with a strong sense of purpose, a brand that is fun but, with an ambition to make a change.


Find out more here - https://www.gymgator.com/

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