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5 Fashion Trends

1. LED Light Up Shoes - You probably remember them from the 90's. These days there are neon shoes suppliers and distrubtors are popping up everywhere! As it seems, light up shoes are back in style! Probably not amongst adults as much as they'd like, but they're certainly popular among teens! You only have to take a look at Instagram and you'll see what all the rage is about... That's because kids' news feeds are lit with neon sneakers!

2. Jeggings – the cross between the jean and the legging. The ever-so-popular creation was seen on body shapes of all types and by those of all ages. Should the trend be welcomed back for Spring and Summer.

3. Bandage dresses – thanks to the Kardashian sisters, Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham, this Max Azria creation was the “it” dress of the year being seen at virtually every party, red carpet and award show. Unfortunately, it’s not the most functional of dresses and only flatters one body type, so this trend must be retired.

4. Armadillo heels – the late Alexander McQueen was a fashion extraordinaire and had an artistic vision that was unmatched. The armadillo heel from his Spring collection was seen in every shape and form on Lady Gaga and even on Bravo’s “Rachel Zoe Project.” As it was mostly intended for art and not as wearable fashion, this trend must be retired.

5. The smokey eye – Do you watch Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Keeping up with the Kardashians or The Real Housewives? This beauty trend has been around for ages but ever since the reality show beauties have popularized what was normally termed as having “raccoon eyes”, it may be around for the long haul. This trend is a rehire.

Other trends that may make an appearance are one-shouldered mini dresses, bedazzled accessories, side-head shaved hair styles and skinny jeans. As you go through your closet preparing for year ahead, review these trends and decide for yourself which ones need to be rehired or retired.


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