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From Leggings to Jeggings How to Wear Them without Disaster Style

As happens every autumn, here we are with a purchase of must-have the leggings. But this year I have to ask myself are they still fashionable?

The leggings were popular as an alternative to skinny jeans and tights. Comfortable and opaque. The leggings are a garment passe-partout under every look: sporty, chic with leggings and chest, casual chic, you know for years I confess that I have not bought pants in favor of leggings!

But something has changed, rather it has evolved, they return as the jeans but in leggings called jeggings. In practice leggings with a cut pair of jeans. In both cases, there are small rules on how to wear them without making a disaster of style and believe me I have seen many!

By the fashion of Leggings to Leggings

I do not remember exactly when did this fashion of leggings because they are so many years ago at least ten. But for me were the tangible proof that fashion really is all back from when I was a teenager and I was wearing the leggings of lace, like Madonna in “Like a Virgin”.

The difference between the leggings and jeggings are the height of pantaloons: the leggings come to mid-calf, leggings down to the ankle.

Vogue is traced back to the invention of the real leggings designer Patricia Field and then became the costume designer for popular TV series like Sex & The City. Also do not forget the final scene of Grease (released in 1978) although set in the fifties in which Sandy (played by Olivia Newton-John) is wearing a pair of leggings of black leather.

In the year 2000, the brand that has pushed to bring back fashion leggings (worn instead of trousers) was American Apparel. Many celebrities have begun to wear them, both in everyday life and on the stage. Too bad not all have the style of Madonna or the physics of Oliva Newton John.

Leggings and disasters of style

Over the years we have worn leggings as an alternative to pants. Because the leggings, let's say the truth they are really a turning point and in my opinion especially for those who have the curves. She could wear maxi pull without too much emphasis on the derriere as it happens for the jeans, but the problem is: how NOT to wear leggings.

Because of every basic item, there are small rules to wear them and two are basic:

  • Leggings are not tights, they must be opaque, and if you see the underwear it does not go well.
  • The leggings are not pants: so the seats must always be covered! (like Belen Rodriguez)

Nobody is perfect and also I years ago, I succumbed to the leggings with the décoletté but in reality, the leggings should be worn at all times:

  • With low shoe sneakers
  • With boots and even booties

From leggings to Jeggings

But the good old skinny jeans? Is returning with brands such as All Sport.

In recent years, there are two so-called leggings like “treggins” and “jeggings”: the first are made of a fabric more often than leggings and sometimes have faux pockets to simulate those jeans, but the latter are more similar to jeans, they have pockets real loose like normal pants.

What I like about the jeggings is that they have the comfort of leggings but don't they have those effect tights.

In addition, the fabric of the jeggings is much more forgiving than the denim used to make skinny jeans (jeggings are with a 5-7% lycra/spandex compared to the 1-3% of the skinny jeans.

Also believe it or not, the jeggings have a high waist which can help give a slimming effect the most flattering.
In short, the women with the leggings are always in fashion!


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