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Gifts for Workaholics

We all have a workaholic in our life. Someone who lives breathes and even dreams about work. When a holiday, birthday or other notable occasion comes around it can be difficult to know what to get for this man. What gift can you get for a man who works for his hobby, after all?

For these situations, there are a few choice gifts which will be the highlight of his workday! They include:


Coffee Machine

Coffee is the fuel that many an office works on. For workaholics, it could very well course through their body instead of blood - the scientific data behind that one is a little unsure. Buying a fancy coffee machine can be a great gift for your workaholic man as it can keep him going no matter what.



With a fancy new coffee machine, the man in your life will also have a need for something to put all of that bean juice in. We all have a favourite mug in the office, but the boring corporate editions can become tedious after a while. A fun or larger than average mug may be just what the doctor ordered for your workaholic man to bring a little more colour to their working life.

If your workaholic faces a long commute each morning, think about gifting him a travel mug instead. A thermos can mean the difference between a miserable commute and a tranquil one!


Gym Clothes

Everyone needs a distraction every now and again, workaholics are no different! So, having a healthy hobby can be a great way to keep your business guru from burning out too fast. A gym description might be too much, but that doesn’t mean you can get them on their way to a fitter them.

A pair of mens track pants can be the perfect gift to keep your man on the right track! Whether a casual run before work, the beginnings of becoming a gym bunny or just for something to relax in (finally) they have a variety of great uses. Of course,


Personalised Stationery

A workaholic is someone who makes many, many, notes. Fact. For that reason giving him a set of personalised stationery can make these notes extra special. With his name or a personalised motivational blazoned across the front of the station - practically up in lights - he is sure to feel special as he works away.

Quality pens can also be a great addition to this gift! After all, what’s the use of stationary with nothing to write on it with?


Evernote Subscription

On the other hand, having a million paper notes sitting on a desk can be a headache to sort through. Your workaholic husband (or friend or another relative) may accidentally become buried in them. For this noteworthy man, Evernote may be the best solution. There is a free version, but the paid version gives the user much more capabilities that make work a breeze.

Available offline too, this is great for anyone with a lot of notes that need organising. For the increased capabilities, a year's subscription isn’t actually that much! This could be the gift that keeps on giving.


Music Subscription

Unlimited music can be one of the best ways to help the workaholic man in your life to de-stress. Whether you buy Spotify or some other streaming service, it can be the difference between tedium in the office and feel motivated all day.

It can also help if concentrating at work is difficult, as background music is the only way to cope some days.


Laptop Bag

No doubt that your workaholic man can never be found too far away from his laptop. A stylish laptop bag, then, is a gift that keeps on giving for this type of workaholic. Now they will be able to take their work with them wherever they go.

Remember: a laptop is an expensive commodity and so you should ensure you buy only a quality bag. Think about usability, safety and even theft deterrents when buying. Obviously also consider style and what the man you’re buying for would choose for himself.

And there you have it! The perfect gifts for that extra special man in your life. He may be a workaholic, but now he has plenty of gifts to make it easier!



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