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How to Choose a Hooded Hair Dryer for Home and Salon


I get it:

You are woman.



More than just being a woman, you are an epitome of beauty that every man in the street would perhaps jump off a cliff for.


And when it comes to maintaining your attraction, you want to ensure you have all the necessary accessories to help you look good.


Now, let’s forget about your makeup organizer for a while. Then, let’s concentrate on a  professional hooded hair dryer, a product designed to help you dry your hair in your get-ready-for-the-day mornings.


This type of hair dryer has been around for a long time. We see it in salons, and we even have friends who have their own at home.


And given that there are many brands out there, from Babyliss Pro to W8less Hair Dryers with Hood, there’s no denying that these gadgets are as important as the makeup products in your organizer.


But the question is, how do you choose the best hair dryer for home and salon without compromising on quality, and still get the value for your money? Well, here’s how.


1. Make Sure the Dryer Features Ionic Technology

In my opinion, the ionic technology in hair dryers is the number one thing I would consider before buying the device.


The technology helps to break water molecules easily, in the end making the drying process not only fan, but also much faster.


By sealing off the cuticles and protecting your hair from possible heat damage, the ionic technology integrated in most hair dryer brands ensures to dry your hair inside out in the shortest time possible.


2. Make Sure to Choose the Right Power

Oftentimes people fall under the assumption that the more wattage a hooded hair dryer has the better. This is downright flawed and false.


The wattage range, in the real sense, does depend on your hair’s texture as well as the styling needs.


A soft bonnet hair dryerusually has a power range of between 500 and 900 watts. And many hard hooded hair dryers have a watt range of between 1,100 and 1,900 watts.


3. Don’t Forget to Check Heat Settings

Honestly, you can’t go drying your hair freestyle. Depending on your hair type and texture, the heat and speed at which you dry your hair will differ.


From thick and curly hair to black American to stiff hair, the drying heat and speed will obviously differ.


Many top rated bonnet hair dryers have three heat settings: cold, warm, and hot. These should be easily adjustable, depending on your hair type.



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