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How to Make a Garden Look Bigger

Garden space is a luxury we all love but is not always something that we can necessarily afford. Sometimes we find our dream homes and they come with only so-so garden space, that’s life! Which is why a few good tricks for making a garden space look bigger, without actually expanding, is always a necessity for a garden lover without many gardens to work with.

So, what are a few of these tips and how can you incorporate them into your own garden space?

Be Colourful

A small space can be lifted up with one simple technique, adding splashes of colour through the flowers that you choose to grow in the space. Red, yellow and orange are a great way to draw the eye away from the smallness of the space and make it pop instead. While natural greens and purples help to make space feel natural, without much effort.

Keep It Clear

Useless clutter strewn across your lawn is one of the worst ways to make your already small garden feel smaller. If it takes up space, then you need to consider whether or not to move it or find it a better home. Cane furniture and a wicker sofa can be small and compact, fitting in limited space without overtaking the area.

Use Japanese Techniques

The Japanese are experts on making a small space feel massive. So, learning a trick or two from them is the way forward when it comes to decorating your own space. The main trick is something called altered perspective. This is where you make small objects to appear far away in relation to larger objects, giving the appearance of more space as it plays tricks on the mind.


Space can be made much bigger by dividing it up, making it seem like a little garden with a lot of different features. Barbecue areas, planting pots and even just a simple sitting area can be great for this.

Dress the Walls

In a small garden space, the walls are a great canvas for which you to put a number of amazing things on to add to the decor. You can have a planting system on the wall, an interesting wall art and even a mirror. Mirrors are famous for reflecting the space to make it seem like double the size and so are the perfect tool for any small garden issues.


At the end of the day, a small garden isn’t the end the world, so long as you employ a number of useful techniques in order to make the best of it. Modern design can go a long way to helping your small garden feel the grounds of a palace.


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