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How to make Designing Custom Enamel Pins

The enamel pins are the most versatile pins which you can work with. The instant familiar combination of metal outlining your smooth and design, the enamel pins are popular with corporate as well as culture. Are you needed to share your company brand with customers and employees? Or you need to spread about a new band to the world. If yes then the custom enamel pins are the best solution. Three different enamel processes available such as corporate, subtle, quirky, so you can obtain exactly what you want.

Uses of custom enamel pins

Thus the below mentioned are the uses of custom enamel pins:

  • Awards
  • Awareness
  • Music and arts festivals
  • Fundraising
  • Team trading pins
  • Corporate recognition
  • Fashion

Design your custom enamel pins

The enamel pins are also called as the lapel pin. Designing the lapel pin for your requirements and uses will be a very exciting project. Most of the people are designing the lapel pin for the social gathering, conference, fundraiser and many others. If you don’t have time to design your own lapel pin, then you need to worry about it. In the present scenario, many custom enamel manufactures available so you can choose the best manufacturer among the others. It is highly recommended to pick the manufacturer company who has many years of experience in this field. The experts in the company are well experienced and skilled so they are capable and ensure you get the correct pin for your requirements.

How to make custom enamel pins

In the past few months, the enamel pins have become popular in the fashion world. The metal pins are highly customizable and can feature any type of design. The enamel pins give them the opportunity to modify. It is the fun way to transform your designs into a beautiful product. Are you willing to design your enamel pins by own? If so the following steps will help you to make and design your enamel pin. The process of making your own pins is so simple and easy.

  • Prepare your artwork

The first step is to prepare the artwork file. You can draw and sketch your idea on the paper and scan it as the PDF file. Several graphic design software options are there so you can send them a digital file.

  • Simplify

The pins are a small canvas to work and details you can utilize to convey an image. It will convert to the clean and clear pin design.

  • Utilize bold lines and strong colors

Pins are small so thin lines and light colors will not stand out when looking the pin from the distance. So instead of that use the bold lines and strong colors.

  • Avoid shading

Colors within a pin are completely delimited by the lines. This means shading within the color is not possible. So avoid shading in your pin design.

  • Decide what enamel pin material you need

The pins are made of a wide range of materials such as the hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins. The hard enamel pins are made up of the thin metal lines. They are made from iron metal which gives high and premium quality pins. When compared to hard, soft pins are lower cost. Both true materials so you can choose one to make for a great pin.

  • Decide what size you need

The smaller pins are generally between 0.75 to 1.25 inches wide. This makes more moveable, easier to robust onto any exterior and generally lower in cost and they use less material. The larger pins are larger 1.25 inches wide. It allows a more detailed design with a superior canvas. But their size also restriction the places where they can be pinned too.

  • Decide how much you want

Finally, decide how many enamels pins your need for your company.

Thus follow the above-given steps on how to make custom enamel pins.

Benefits of Enamel Pins

The enamel pins are designed to play different roles. The pin looks fashionable and stylish as well as used to delicate message to the crowd. The businesses must have enamel pins to motivate the employees and make business familiar. You can get enamel pins from the leading and trustworthy pin manufacturer company. The pins are available in many metals such as copper, silver, platinum, and carbon.


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