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How to optimise your Web page for Google Search.

You want your website to rank higher on Google among many other Search engines? There is no better way to do that than to begin to create excellent SEO content. Most companies and individual overshadow this process and they focus on other on-page SEO practices but starting to write excellent SEO content will show that you care much about quality content and you mind your readers and don’t treat them as robots.

Write Easy to read and Offensive content

Before you insert keywords, additional keywords and other terminologies that fall in the SEO niche, take care of your readers first. You should write content that will provide useful information to readers and solve their problem. Regardless of the purpose in which you are writing the page too, whether you want the page to direct reads to the service you offer, give them something that will be worth the time they spent on your site.

Choose Excellent Keywords

Keywords are an excellent way to boost traffic to your website. If you are a Pro, you can do the keyword research for yourself or hire a SEO Toronto company to do so. However, you need to know first what will be your focus keywords. This is what you are targeting to write about. It can anything like the World cup Russia 2018, SEO Toronto, Weight loss etc. After you choose your focus keywords, you can proceed an choose the additional keywords which will help in the curation of the Meta description and the SEO title

Create a Meta description and your SEO title

The Meta description is the text that displayed just at the bottom of the pages when you conduct a search on google and other search engines. While writing your Meta description, you should take care of your focus keyword, use it one and choose other related keywords to use in the same. After writing your Meta description, check your SEO title, the SEO title is the title that is displayed at the bottom of your page title, Write the title with the use of the focus keyword, keep it short so that it’s not wider than the usual viewable limit.

Use Images

Images are a great way to attract traffic. First quality images capture reader’s attention not to mention that images can communicate with a lot of ideas. While using images for your article, blog, make sure that the images are optimised for google search. This can be achieved by using the focus keywords while crediting the image source. You can also put attributes of your focus keyword on different images used in your article and this will make your article to pop up on multiple searches.

Use of Subheading within your text

When writing, you should create multiple subheadings, this not only makes the content you are writing to be easily identified on different search engines but also gives you the platform to insert your focus keywords on the same text. With your subheading having attributes of the focus keyword, your article will rank higher on Google among many other search engine platform



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