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How to Pick the Correct Weight & Length of Hair Extension


When selecting the right hair extensions for you a lot of factors come into consideration. But two of the most important things to get right are length and weight, as these are what will help you achieve the look you are going for. It sounds simple, but can be a bit of a minefield, especially for a first-time hair extension buyer. Often it is best you call the experts like the team at CHIC Hair Extensions who sell 100% human hair extensions in New Zealand, to get professional advice on how to select the best hair extensions. As there so many options available on the market for hair extensions from the color, length, to how much hair you need. In this article, we will be focusing on picking the right weight and length of hair extension to suit you.

Picking the weight

The most common measurement for the weight of hair extensions is grams. You can commonly see packages of hair being sold by 120g, 130g, 160g, 220g, etc. Most commonly the bigger the weight, the thicker the hair extensions.


Small weight hair extensions do not make up a full head of hair, they are best used for thin hair, or to add length to shoulder length hair; also recommended for adding volume to long hair.


These extensions are recommended for adding weight to thin hair.


This is one of the most common weights of hair extensions sold on the market. They are a good safe choice, best for added length and volume for individuals with an average thickness of hair. Also, good for those with thin hair wanting dramatic results.


These thicker hair extensions are suited to individuals with naturally thick hair. 


Heavy extensions are not commonly used or are best suited to individuals with very thick hair or people who want a dramatic look. Hair extensions come in a variety of weights even over 200g, but it is best to get professional advice as heavy extensions are often more expensive, so best to check whether they suit the look you are going for.

Picking the length

Hair extension length is commonly measured in inches, for example, 20”. An easy way to visualize the length of the extensions is to measure downwards from the top of your ear to get an idea of where each hair extension length would fall on you. It is important to do this even if you feel you are sure about the length you are looking for as the extensions can fall differently on different people due to factors like build and height. This helps eliminate disappointment from ordering the wrong length hair extensions. For a natural look, we recommend choosing extensions within four inches of your natural hair for the most believable look.

12 Inch Hair

If your hair naturally reaches the chin or longer by using this length of hair extensions it will be transformed into shoulder-length hair.

16 Inch Hair

For natural hair length that reaches the shoulder or longer through selecting 16-inch extensions, it will be transformed into hair that extends past the collar bone.

20 Inch Hair

Natural hair length is collarbone length when using 20-inch extensions it will be transformed into hair that extends to the middle of the back


When picking the length of hair extensions that are best for you it is important to take into consideration your own height. As your height plays a big factor in your decision about the length of your hair extensions.  As your height impacts the overall look of your extensions, for example on short women, hair extensions look more dramatic than taller women. Below we will give you a rough guide of how the common lengths of extensions will change your hairs length.



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