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How to prevent chafing in groin area in 6 effective ways

Dry skin in the groin area can be a painful condition to deal with and can get you in an embarrassing situation, most especially with your partner. If you have this skin issue at hand, you need not look for skin care treatments. Simple tips on how to treat chafing in groin area will likely do the trick. Although, solving your chafing problem with these tips alone requires your commitment to stay consistent. When you’re successful, the results become lasting and sustainable.



What Is Chafing?


How do you know that you’re dealing with chafing for sure and not some other skin problem? Chafing is a skin condition that develops due to friction or, repeated or constant rubbing of the skin, whether against skin or clothing. It is a condition that normally develops as a result of sweating. While chafing can develop anywhere on the body, it commonly appears in areas where there is likely to be constant rubbing of the skin, including the armpits, groin, inner thighs, nipples, and underside of the breasts.


Chafing is commonly characterized as follows:


  •  Chronic itchiness
  •  Appearance of blisters and other forms of inflammation
  •  Rashes that may be accompanied by a pus-filled bumps
  •  Crusty skin
  •  Reddish patches that are often come with a painful, burning sensation when rubbed
  •  Severely wrinkled or dehydrated patch of skin


Athletes and exercise enthusiasts commonly develop this skin condition. When sweat dries out, it leaves behind salt which causes your skin to become subjected to abrasion. The developing condition causes the skin to rub against each other painfully.


Other factors that contribute to the development of chafed skin are the following:


  •  Being overweight or obese
  •  Environmental conditions favoring chafing, including wet and humid weather
  •  Excessive sweating
  •  Wrong exercise clothing or gear
  •  Very tight clothing
  •  Poor grooming and untidiness
  •  Existing allergies, including contact dermatitis



How To Prevent Chafing in Groin Area?


Feel confidently beautiful and stay fit without compromising the skin on your groins with these Top 6 tips to stay free of skin chafing:


Tip No. 1: Keep your skin dry. As sweating aggravates the development of chafed skin, you should do what you can to keep areas prone to this skin condition dry. Use a deodorant even on your groin, inner thighs and underside of breast areas to help protect these areas from sweating throughout the day.


Tip No. 2: Always cleanse areas prone to skin chafing after sweating. Most especially when you have existing allergies and eczema, make sure to keep skin areas prone to chafing dry and clean. After sweating, cleanse with lukewarm water. Take care not to rub the towel on the skin. Simply pat dry very gently to prevent friction from tearing off your skin or causing it to become inflamed.


Tip No. 3: Prevent friction. Take extra steps to make sure that areas of your skin that constantly rub against each other are protected from the skin-damaging effects of friction. To do that, you can use clothing to physically separate rubbing skin from each other or, you may use a thick moisturizer to keep these areas slippery and shielded from skin dryness. Applying petroleum jelly to chafing-prone areas will help keep the surface of your skin protected.


Tip No. 4: Use soft clothing. Take that extra effort to make sure that you’re only using clothes made with soft textiles and even soft seams, most especially when you know you have sensitive skin. When you workout regularly, invest in high-quality workout clothes that do not trap in sweat and that feel smooth and comfortable on your skin whether your favorite workout is lifting weights or, preferably a sport like running or swimming. Wearing the right set of clothes will help keep your skin from rubbing against each other and helps you make sure that your piece of clothing isn’t going to cause your chafing skin problem.


Tip No. 5: Shower after sweating profusely. Prevent sweaty from turning to salty. Leaving sweaty skin to dry out means a worse brand of friction for your skin as sweat dries out and leaves behind salt. Shower after a workout. Follow through with a body lotion to keep chafing-prone areas slippery and well-protected from friction.


Tip No. 6: Consider going to a weight loss program. Skin friction worsens when skin pushes harder against each other. That’s exactly the situation that develops when you are overweight or obese. More folds of your skin are rubbing against each other at any given time, causing chafing to develop. Guided nutrition and exercise will help you reach your weight loss goals much sooner. A professional fitness trainer and nutritionist can help you set your targets and stay on track until you have learned what you have to learn to stay fit. If you have been diagnosed to be morbidly obese, you should consider undergoing bariatric surgery. It will not only help you prevent skin chafing but also help you address complications caused by excess weight and generally stay healthier and live longer.



How To Treat Skin Chafing?


Put an end to this painful skin condition that has the potential to embarrass you as well if and when they show. Follow these simple tips to treat your chafed skin once and for all:


1. Lubricate. Make sure to keep affected area clean, dry and well-lubricated all at the same time, all the time. These steps help lessen the friction and prevent infection.


2. Give yourself time to heal. By reducing the frequency of friction, that also means giving your workout routine a little bit of rest to allow your skin to heal and recover on its own. Make sure to wear clothes made of cotton and avoid rough textiles.


3. Consult with your healthcare provider. Chafed skin that is persistent may need medical attention. In which case, infection is likely and you may need a prescription to eliminate the infection.




Chafed skin is embarrassing but, most of all, it can affect your skin health. Simple tweaks to your good grooming habits will do the trick. In case you need more help, don’t be afraid to seek professional help or, your chafing problem will only keep getting worse.


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