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How To Stop Picking Disorder Of Your Skin



It’s not unusual for anybody to pick on their skin.  Feeling blemishes, and pricking pimples generally aren’t disturbing. However, when the habit significantly progresses to an entirely different level that are already causing disturbing behavior then, the problem may require more than just an acne solution or a purifying mask.

Disturbing Skin Picking.

In general, disorder of skin is a cause for concern whether it is the problem in itself or, a problem caused by another more serious problem that includes anxiety, depression, stress and even substance abuse. Some of the more common signs that skin picking has progressed beyond an innocent habit include:

  •  wounding the skin severely without being conscious about it
  •  absent-mindedly scratching and picking on skin
  •  habitual skin picking to relieve nervousness and depression
  •  using gadgets, such as knives, cutters, tweezers and screwdrivers, to pick on the skin
  •  feeling humiliated and extremely self-conscious over the appearance of any skin imperfection
  •  spending significant number of hours picking on the skin
  •  skin picking limits social interactions and affects personal and professional life and relationships

When skin picking disorder is detected, it is often diagnosed as “Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior” or, “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”.  Some experts claim that the condition, rather than developed, have genetic underpinnings. That means that some people may actually be predisposed to develop the condition.

Treating Skin Picking Disorder.

The treatment of the disorder of skin can be manifold. Of primary concern is for the treatment specialist to determine whether the problem is the habit itself or, if some other condition such as an auto-immune disorder, depression, neurotic disorder, substance abuse, psychosis, and even suicidal tendencies, are driving the bad habit.

Once the root cause is determined, the treatment options include the following:

Stimulus removal.  

When feeling your skin gets you started on picking, you might have to wear physical barriers that stop your fingers and skin on your body to get into contact.  A pair of gloves, gauze or band-aids may do the trick. In some cases, people start picking on their skin when they see their imperfections on the mirror and feel ashamed or extremely embarrassed about it.  In which case, taking away mirrors in your regular spaces can help resolve the problem.

Habit withdrawal or reversal.  

This involves identifying the driver of the behavior.  You will have to determine what makes you tick. If your skin picking habit is rooted on stress, anxiety or depression, you will be trained on stress management and techniques to release stress safely and calmly. Newly learned skills should take your mind away from picking on your skin.’

On a more physical level, you must learn an alternative way of relieving yourself of your tick, such as stress, that does not involve mindlessly picking on and wounding your skin. Squeezing a stress ball can help, so too will brisk walking to exhaust energy otherwise spent stressing more and time picking on your skin.

Self-awareness Training.  

As skin picking involves a mindless habit and non-deliberate skin wounding, being more aware of what you are doing can help you deliberately kick out skin picking as a habit. There are trainings specially designed to train your mind to be in the here and now, making you practice presence in mind and body upon anything that you are doing.

Get help from your loved ones.  

Ask your family members and friends to help nudge you to stop picking on your skin whenever they see you get started on the ill habit.  Constant, healthy reminders help you become more conscious and self-aware. Putting up notes all over your apartment will also help keep reminding you not to pick on your skin.

Learn a new hobby that mostly involves your hands. 

Another helpful way to get your hands off of your skin is to keep your hands busy. Learn a new crafting skill like sewing, crocheting or, origami so you don’t spend any idle time that gets your hands free for too long.

Get down to the root cause.

When you believe that your skin picking habit may be more serious, such as knowing that you are taking illicit drugs, it is best for you to consult and work with a medical professional to address the root cause of your skin picking disorder.

Skin picking disorder can be easily missed.  When you think you are having trouble with this condition, you have to open your mind and seek help when it has become more than just a bad habit.


Skin picking disorder can be easily missed.  When you think you are having trouble with this condition, you have to open your mind and seek help when it has become more than just a bad habit.

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