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Diamond Engagement Ring in Hatton Garden

There are several reasons as to why you may want to consider heading to Hatton Garden in order to pick up an engagement ring. We are going to try and cover as many of them as possible on this page.

What is Hatton Garden?

Hatton Garden is located in London. This means that it should be a central location for most people in the United Kingdom. Well, it is going to be easy to reach at least. Hatton Garden is a jewellery district. If you head here, then you will see countless jewellery shops. Many of them will offer diamond engagement rings that you can purchase. There number of shops that you find in Hatton Garden is going to be very beneficial when it comes to finding a ring.

Bigger Selection

If you head to your standard High Street jewellery store, it is unlikely that they will have a massive selection of diamond engagement rings for you to purchase. In fact, they will probably keep one or two of the most popular lines. The rest, if they do offer any, are going to be for special order. This means that you can’t really purchase anything unique there. It also means that you will not be able to see the diamond engagement ring before you buy it. Hatton Garden is different.

Hatton Garden has countless jewellery shops. Each of them has their own unique wares. You will be able to find diamond engagement rings in Hatton Garden that you would struggle to find anywhere else in the world. This is because many jewellery designers send their best rings here.

You can easily lose hours hopping from store to store in Hatton Garden trying to ensure that you find the right engagement ring for your potential partner. Of course, the larger selection means that you are more likely to find something that is going to be perfect for them!

Cheaper Prices

Ok. Diamond engagement rings are not going to be cheap by any stretch of the imagination, even if you purchase a ‘basic’ one. Therefore, it is likely that you are going to want to try and save as much money as possible. One of the major benefits of Hatton Garden having so many shops there is the fact that each of these shops will be trying to compete with the other shops in the area. This means that they do have to offer very competitive prices if they want to sell anything. This means that you may be able to save a few pounds. Not a lot, but a decent amount. You will not get this in a High Street store as you are very much going to be a captive audience there.

Get Advice

This is probably your first time buying a diamond engagement ring. You, therefore, want to make sure that you have somebody there who is able to point you in the right direction. You get this when you shop in Hatton Garden as everybody that works there should be very knowledgeable about the products they offer.

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