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Jeans -A Complete Guide on Fit and Style

Jeans have always been in fashion and will continue to be in trend in future as well. Not only jeans are comfortable but you can style accordingly as per the occasion. With the right pair of jeans and by correctly accessorizing it you can grab everyone’s attention. Gone are the days when there were only few definite types of jeans and you had to select from it.


Knowing the fashion


With fashion designers taking active interest in the jeans and top brands coming up with new designs every season, you can never go wrong with the right pair of jeans. However, with so many options around you it is obvious that you will get confused and may end up buying wrong pair for you. Jeans are of several types and the correct one will flatter your legs and body type.


This guide will give you tips on how to find the right fit and the right style of jeans. If you follow these tricks, the jeans will look like they have been custom-made only for you.


Every woman’s body is unique and beautiful in its own way. Jeans are just like your body they are different and meant for different types of women. According to pear shape, apple shape and hour glass shape you must select jeans and tops, with the right pair of shoes. Let us check the details:


High waist jeans


This jean can be the ultimate savior for pear shaped, those who have a little baby fat around the waist and also hour glass type of figure. The jeans go high on waist and can be fitted or flared at the bottom. This type of jeans is the favorite among Hollywood celebrities and you will mostly see fashion bloggers rave about it.


Needless to say, this enhances the shape of your body while pressing down the cellulite at the correct points. You can flaunt crop tops, semi crop tops and bodysuit with it. Nevertheless, most of the high waist jeans are stretchable and do not need to be tailored and fitted.


Sometimes these are also considered as slim fit jeans. Therefore, you can just visit a Micolet store in UK, give a trial and go back home happily. Micolet harbors the trendiest collection of jeans in UK and you must visit the store before making your final purchase.


Boyfriend jeans


This is the most comfortable and chic type of jeans you can find. They are mostly straight or boot cut and loosely fitted implying that you have borrowed it from your boyfriend and hence the fit. However, the jeans are not actually your boyfriend’s and it is just the style. Since this is baggy you must go fitted on the topo and keep the whole look casual with a t-shirt slightly tucked in. Always remember with the right type of styling you can make this street style even a party look.


Flared Jeans


These jeans are flared at the bottom. The flare look gives a feminine touch to the jeans and it looks great with the right pair of shoes. You will get two types of flared jeans, one at the bottom and one ankle length. Depending on your fashion statement you may go with either one. However, the flared bottoms are also known as bell bottom jeans.


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