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Laser Body Hair Removal – Will it work for me?


It seems everyone has a solution for unwanted hair. Waxing, shaving, chemical removal, and more.


So why consider laser body hair removal when a pack of razors or a waxing kit only costs a few dollars?


While laser hair removal does have some drawbacks, it offers several unique advantages.


So, how’s it all work?


As the name implies, a laser is aimed at hair follicles. The heat from the laser inhibits the ability of the follicle to produce new growth. This treatment requires multiple sessions to be genuinely effective. While laser body hair removal does provide a long-term solution to unwanted body hair, it is not a guaranteed permanent fix. Occasional follow-up/maintenance visits may be needed to remove recurring body hair.


Almost any unwanted body hair can be treated with laser removal. Most commonly, patients seek treatment for unwanted facial hair, bikini lines, arms, armpits, and legs.


It is important to note that due to the mechanism of laser body hair removal, there is a greater success rate in those with light skin and dark hair versus those with light body hair or dark skin.


While laser body hair removal can be performed on anyone, it is easier for the laser to perform its function when there is a greater contrast between body hair and skin, and success may be limited in less ideal candidates.


Laser body hair removal is performed with a hand-held instrument, and several different techniques are used to protect your skin while the body hair is being removed. During the procedure it is common to experience a stinging sensation. Depending on the size of the treated area, the type of hair/skin and other factors, laser body hair removal may take anywhere from several minutes to several hours.


Small, easy to treat areas may cost as little as $50 per treatment, and large, challenging, time-consuming areas may cost up to $1000 per treatment. Afterward, there may be redness and irritation where the body hair was removed. In addition, the skin may feel and appear slightly “crusty.”


Bareskin.co.za told our reporter that the biggest side effect of laser body hair removal is skin irritation. Also, the procedure may affect the melanin in dark skin, resulting in temporary lightening. Pigmentation changes may be noted in lighter skin as well, but it is less common. Although very infrequent, laser body hair removal may cause textural changes in skin such as scarring.


The number one alternative to laser body hair removal is electrolysis. Electrolysis is different from laser body hair removal in that a physical probe is used. While both electrolysis and laser body hair removal carry FDA approval, only electrolysis carries the seal of “permanent hair removal,” whereas the FDA defines laser body hair removal as “permanent hair reduction.”


However, studies indicate that patients find laser body hair removal to be considerably faster, much less painful, and more reliable in reaching long-term goals than electrolysis. Electrolysis has a unique advantage in that it works equally well on all skin types. But since one hair is removed at a time, if you are considering electrolysis vs laser hair removal the main consideration will be the size of the area. Electrolysis is really only good on small areas unless you are willing to spend hours of time and thousands of dollars for larger areas.


Of course, only you can decide if laser body hair removal is right for you. Talk to a qualified professional about your body hair removal goals to learn more and make the best decision for you.


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