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Modelling Basics For Your Portfolio: How to Get The Best Fashion Photographs

Whether you are a fashion blogger or an aspiring model, having perfect fashion photographs in your modelling portfoliois a must in the highly competitive fashion and beauty industry. But of course, that’s easier said than done. As they say, beauty is pain, and getting the best fashion photos also requires some work and modelling practice on your end. To help you get started, here are the few basics that must be followed to get the perfect snaps for your modelling portfolio.

1. Know your shape and what clothes compliment you

This is probably step number one. You should have an aesthetic sense of what looks good on you and what does not. If you are a newbie model you might have a less trained eye for the right clothes for your body shape, but later, the brand you are modeling for will likely have a fashion designer or merchandiser on set who will be able to help you out. This skill can easily be cultivated with more exposure to the fashion industry and by following trend setters and subscribing to the most popular fashion magazines. Knowing how to look your best will in turn give your modelling career a boost so make sure to do your research before your shoot.

2. Get your makeup done professionally

The next step towards perfect modelling snaps is that you should make sure you get your make up done by a professional makeup artist. Make up has a huge impact on the way you look in your fashion photographs and the impression you’ll make on brands and designers looking to hire models for their runway shows and photoshoots. Because skilled makeup artists know what look they should give you which would suit your clothes and the brand you are modelling for, you should rely on one for your modelling headshots too. They will be able to work with the stylist to get the perfect hair and makeup to compliment your gorgeous outfit or vice versa, or, on this occasion, to compliment the clothes for your modelling portfolio.

  1. Choose an interesting location for the shoot

Equally important is selecting a location with a good ambiance for your modelling photoshoot. A studio serves a fashion shoot fine but you can find a location for shoot that clearly delivers the message of the brand you are modelling for. As far as your portfolio goes, go for a setting that makes an interesting background; that compliments your outfit but doesn’t distract from it.Of course, the location should also be influenced by what type of clothes you are modelling. If you are doing a shoot for a swimsuit company, you will likely find yourself at a beech for the photoshoot rather than in the concrete jungle of the city so keep that in mind for your portfolio too.

4. Hire a professional photographer

Last but not least, you need to hire a professional fashion portrait photographer for the perfect fashion photos. Although make up, suitable clothes and appropriate site are allextremely important, but unless you have a professional photographer at your service, you won’t be able to get the perfect fashion photographs for your portfolio and it will look unprofessional. A fashion photographer can also help you find your best angles and poses which can be very helpful if you’re new to the industry. This step is a surefire way for getting the best fashion photographs.

In a nutshell, the basic four steps to perfect fashion shoot are clothes, location, makeup and finally getting the best photographer. But don’t forget to always be calm and relaxed while posing for the photographs so you can look your best! Cheese!


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