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Recovering from plastic surgery – Few dos and don’ts shared by expert surgeons


The foremost step to take before going under the knife for a plastic surgery, be it in any form, is to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon who can offer you with the best possible results. Another step for achieving success is to follow the instructions of your doctor religiously so that you can recover with ease without having to face any further difficulties.

While there are websites like bjcohen.com from where you will get to know about the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons who are the most trustworthy among the lot, you should also know the dos and don’ts that you have to follow in order to recover as soon as possible. Here are few that you should keep in mind.

DO take a balanced diet which is replete with whole foods and lots of nutrition

Soon after your plastic surgery, you’ve got a healing body and it will certainly need extra nutrients. Hence, the sooner you nourish your body with the best quality vitamins, proteins and minerals, the sooner you will feel better. You should stick to hormone-free meats, pasture-raised meats, lots of vegetables, organic fruits, seeds, nuts and healthy fats. Don’t take sugary and processed foods as they lead to inflammation which is something your body doesn’t want post-surgery.

DON’T use nicotine, smoke or vape soon after the surgery

There are several reasons to quit smoking as smoking is directly related to cancer and heart diseases. But when you’ve just undergone a plastic surgery, you should strictly steer clear from smoking. When you inhale nicotine, the blood vessels constrict thereby choking off the supply of blood to the sites of incision. This leads to a slow healing and this raises the chances of an infection and sometimes even leads to death of tissues.

DO make arrangements for pet and child care before the surgery

After you come back home from the hospital, you will be pretty useless at least for a few days. Then, you will need someone to help you with the household jobs and there are times when you may also need help while going to the toilet, getting out of bed and while getting dressed. Hence, way ahead of time, you have to appoint someone who will take care of your pets and children after you return home.

Unless you prepare yourself for the recovery process, it might get harder for you to cope up with these few days. Keep yourself engaged in reading books and listening to music.


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