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Still Struggling To Wear Leggings? We Are Here To Help


Leggings are the most comfortable pants in the history of pants and there is no denying that. It gives you the same look, and silhouette as that of regular pants, but with added comfort, and on days you have a lot of errands to run, you can definitely sit back and rely on your trusted pair of leggings to make the deal for you. At some point you have also contemplated throwing off your jeans and stick to the various types of leggings you own, yes, so did us, most of us thought the same and you are not alone. However, if you are not yet that familiar to the area of comfort with leggings, and if leggings are not your comfort zone yet, then try these outfit ideas with this trusted bottom wear, post which we are pretty sure you would think the same.


These are the styles you should definitely try:


  1. For a super comfortable look: To get a super comfortable look, all you need to do is pair up a basic tee or a graphic tee in a neutral or pastel color and throw in a shirt for an added layer to it. This is literally the comfiest outfit you could put together and this looks great for an everyday look or for a school or college look where you do not have enough time to brainstorm about your outfit.
  2. For spicing stuff up a little bit: If you are bored of wearing the same old leggings day in and day out, especially if you are the kind who relies onto leggings on an everyday basis, to jazz things up, you can play around with the textures or the feel of the leggings. For example, on those days when you are feeling a little racy, you could easily ditch your plain old leggings and go for a leather or a pleather leggings. This would not only give you a sultry dominant look, but would also uplift your mood.
  3. The girl next door outfit: This set is going to be your saviour if you are the laid back kind of a person who does not like planning your outfits a long time back. Wearing your basic black leggings along with a fairly oversized plaid shirt can do wonders to your look when you want to look nice with putting just the minimal amount of effort. You could also be pairing up a terribly oversized t-shirt with your leggings and throw in a pair of shades along with a pair of ankle boots and that would look gorgeous.
  4. Cute and nerdy layers: Who would have thought about wearing a shirt underneath your regular sweater? Well, by doing so, you can create a very cute and nerdy outfit for yourself. You can pair this look up with some minimalistic pair of earrings and chunky boots, and you would definitely look like the nerdiest one in class. Bonus points if you already have a pair of spectacles!
  5. Patterned leggings: Leggings do not always need to be of a solid color. You can incorporate patterned leggings to your wardrobe too. The key to wearing patterned leggings is exactly the opposite of what you did with your solid colored leggings. Pair your patterned leggings with solid colored t-shirts of a neutral or pastel shade, and avoid any other accessories in the upper body, since the pattern takes away most of the oomph, and over-accessorizing might make you look like a clown, and you definitely would want to avoid looking like one.


These were our picks on styling leggings with different pieces of clothes.


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