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3 Helpful Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Bedding

A bedroom is not complete without the right bedding because they are an essential part of a bed. They make the bed comfortable, cozy and appealing. Once you have the right bedding you need to make sure that you are taking the best care of the bedding if you want to maintain their quality.


Here are some tips that will help in making sure that the bedding stays fresh and soft for a long time.


Washing tips:


It is important to wash the bedding properly because if not the quality of decrease pretty quickly and they will only be able to survive a few washes. Here are some washing tips that you should follow.


It is important that you only wash one bedding set or a duvet insert at a time. Do not put all the sheets in one washing because it will create too much friction and the sheets or duvets can become worn out. Putting just one set in the washer will make sure that they are evenly and fully cleaned.


You should prefer to clean cotton and linen bedding pieces in cold water and use a gentle cycle. The detergent you chose should be mild because harsh chemicals are not good for the fabrics. You should only use warm water and harsh detergents if the sheets are soiled too much.


If you are washing protectors such as waterproof duvet protector, pillow protector etc. then you should make sure all the zippers are gently closed so that they do not end up tearing the fabric.


While washing you should avoid using any product that has chlorine bleach or alpha hydroxyl acid in it because it can lead to discoloration. These harsh chemicals can also cause the fibers to become thin and old. These chemicals decrease life of the bedding.


Before you wash the bedding make sure that you check the manufacturers’ instructions.


Tips for drying:


The drying can also have an impact on maintaining the quality of the bedding.


Never dry them by using harsh heat because it is not good for the quality of the fabric. If you are going to machine dry them, then make sure that you use a low heat setting. You can also add a wonderful scent by adding a lavender laundry sachet. The bedding will not just look fresh but smell good as well.


Do not leave the bedding in the dryer for too long because it will allow the wrinkles to set in. Remove them as soon as the drying cycle is finished.


After drying the duvet cover you need to gently fasten the zipper so that there is no chance of breakage.


Getting care of the stains:


If there are any stains on the bedding then you need to take care of them quickly because if you do not they will set in and it will become extremely difficult to get rid of them. Get rid of stains before you put them in the washing machine. Choose the stain cleaner wisely so that it is not harmful for the fabric.


After washing and drying, make sure that you store them in a dry and cool place so the bedding stays fresh and new.

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