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The One Thing About Cheap Sunglasses That Might Surprise You

You have read your fair share of blog posts and articles discussing the perils of cheap sunglasses. You have been warned to stay away from those sunglasses. After all, cheap sunglasses aren't worth the money you pay for them. The frames break too easily; the lenses scratch after just one use; the construction is flimsy at best. You know the drill.

Having said all that, there is one thing about cheap sunglasses that might surprise you: they are not cheap because of the price. The word 'cheap' has a lot of definitions as demonstrated by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. The one to focus on in relation to cheap sunglasses is 'of inferior quality or worth'.

'Cheap' in the fashion world is all about quality. You can spend a fortune on a poorly made pair of designer sunglasses and still walk away with something cheap. Likewise, you can buy inexpensive sunglasses from a lesser-known brand and have a pair that is as high quality as they come.

Cheap Materials That Don't Last

Olympic Eyewear is a Salt Lake City, Utah company that specializes in designer-like sunglasses. They design, manufacture, and distribute more than two dozen brands throughout the United States. One of their biggest concerns has always been the materials they use. Olympic stresses the fact that cheap materials do not last.

As previously discussed, cheap materials are materials of inferior quality. Go with a cheap plastic and you might end up with sunglasses that break the first time they are tossed into the glove box. Go with a high-quality acetate and you will be able to manufacture sunglasses that last.

The thing to understand is that a high-quality acetate, in and of itself, does not justify charging $500 for a pair of shades. Acetate is a very cost-effective material that offers the same quality whether a pair of sunglasses costs $500 or $50.

Poor Craftsmanship Makes Cheap Sunglasses

Cheap materials form the foundation of cheap sunglasses. They are exacerbated by poor craftsmanship. You can tell the level of craftsmanship just by handling a pair of sunglasses for a little bit. How they feel in your hands can tell you an awful lot.

If you move the arms back and forth and they seem a bit too loose, take a good look at the hinges and screws. You might be looking at a scenario in which the hinges were not properly attached to the frames and arms, thereby preventing a nice, snug fit.

Look at how well the lenses have been fit into the frames. Check to see that nose pieces have been firmly affixed. You can even look at the rubber molding on the earpieces to see if it fits tightly against the arms. It really is just that easy to spot poor craftsmanship if you just look for it.

Price is the Least of Your Concerns

This entire discussion can be summarized by the idea that price is the least of your concerns when you are trying to avoid cheap sunglasses. Remember that we are talking about quality here, not price. You do not have to spend hundreds to get a high-quality pair of shades that will last beyond your ability to remember where you last left them.

Understand that when you are paying hundreds of dollars for sunglasses, you are paying for a name only. Does that brand offer superior quality over lower-priced competitors? Probably not. High cost doesn't equal quality any more than low cost equals cheap. Remember that the next time you are in the market for a pair of designer sunglasses.


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