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This Is Why You Should Be Using Natural Make-Up

Natural make-up and skin care have literally taken over the beauty world by storm. The beauty industry is finally realizing that their customers want products that not only make them look good, but are beneficial as well. In the last five years so many “natural” beauty and skin care brands have emerged which have given the existing major brands to change their values as well.

When these more natural brands started emerging, they started to highlight and raise awareness on all the bad chemicals that our beloved products have been created with. Today we’re going highlight three major reasons why you should be switching to natural make-up (and skin care).

Natural Make-Up Products Should Be Chemical Free

A lot of the conventional cosmetics have large amounts of harmful chemical ingredients in them, many of which are banned in some countries. They know that an average beauty consumer doesn’t understand what is actually mentioned in the ingredient list, and neither do they understand the side effects that might occur after applying the product.

Laws in the US are so limited regarding make-up and skin care items that cancer causing chemicals, or carcinogens are actually allowed in the products. How can you protect yourself from these harmful ingredients? Well, for starters start looking at the ingredient list in the products that you use, just like you look for ingredients in your food. If you want to know which ingredients to avoid, you should head to safecosmetics.org for a full list of harmful ingredients and their side effects.

Use Products That Are More Ecologically Friendly

Causing damage to the skin (and with time internal damage) is not the only thing conventional cosmetics do. They also cause a lot of damage to the environment as well.  The products contain toxins which flow down the sink when we wash our face and are then released in to our water resources. This contaminated water later flows in to our lakes and rivers causing further damage.

A lot of the companies who produce natural make-up and skincare have strong ethics regarding animal testing and environmental damage. They are committed to bring a revolution that will not only heal your skin but the planet as well.  They do a lot of research when it comes to producing their natural make-up line. The companies use natural sourced energy, material that has been recycled, and plant based ingredients.

Make-Up That Is Beneficial To The Skin

When you apply make-up on your face, your skin tends to absorb the ingredients whether they are beneficial or harmful. So wouldn’t you rather put something on your face that will be beneficial in the long run?

Natural Make-Up Options

Pressed Mineral Foundation

Leclisse Cosmetics Pressed Foundation

This is our favorite pressed mineral foundation. It has great coverage and it feels really light on the skin as well. We haven’t experienced it oxidizing on the skin either. It is perfect for touch-ups on the go as well.

Natural Lip Gloss

Putting a product on the lips which has natural ingredients is very important because those ingredients can be swallowed unknowingly when you lick your lips. Our lip gloss of choice is the Natural Lip Gloss which leave an opaque color on the lips, and gently hydrates them at the same time.

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