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Tips on How to Properly Wash Your Swimwear

About to hit the beach soon and planning to wear your one piece swim wear that you bought last summer? There is nothing wrong about sporting the swimwear you already used as you can save some money from it, also, if you really like that piece, no one’s stopping you from wearing it. However, before you go and pack your swimwear, you would want to know how to wash it the proper way first. This article will give you a comprehensive guideline on how to properly wash and take care of your swimwear.


Throughout the years, swimwear like one-piece bikini, two-piece bikini, swimming trunks, and board shorts have witnessed various developments and innovations. As a result of this revolution, different types of swimwear based on their fabric type emerged. Decades ago, cotton and nylon swimwear pieces were the most commonly sold in the market but as years went by, as a result of innovations, different types of swimwear gained equal popularity.


When taking care and washing your plus size swimwear, knowing the fabric type and make of it is most vital. You would want to know if your swimwear is made of cotton, nylon, spandex, polyester, chlorine-resistant fabric, or combination of two or more fabrics. Below are helpful descriptions of each swimwear type.


If you are not certain about what type of swimwear you have, you can conveniently look for its label, which will tell you what type of fabric it is made up with. The label would also give you brief instructions on how properly wash the swimwear; however, these guides may not give you the step-by-step tips, which is why it is important to know more.


Before washing your one piece swimwear, make sure that you have all the things you need prepared accordingly. The things that you would need for washing your bathing suit include a sink (or a small tub), gentle detergent that will not harm the fabric, and towels.


Now that you have all the things you need prepared and ready, it is now time to wash your swimsuit. Below are the steps you may follow for a successful and effective swimwear washing.


  • Read the tag found in the swimwear and familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s washing and drying recommendations. The instructions may differ based on the garment’s fabric and other factors. Note the recommended detergent, water temperature, and washing machine details.


  • Rinse the swim wear with water on your sink or tub with cool water.


  • Fill your sink or small tub with cold water and generously add recommended detergent.


  • Submerge the swimwear into the sink or tub and gently massage it with your hands. Keep in mind that you would not want to forcefully twist and wring the garment as doing so could damage it.


  • Remove the swimwear and drain the sink or tub, and refill it with fresh cool water.


  • Re-place the garment into the sink or tub filled with fresh cool water. Gently massage the bathing suit until detergent bubbles are gone.


  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the water comes clear, hinting that the swimwear is already free from detergent residuals.


  • Remove the swimwear and gently squeeze out the water.


  • Lay the bathing suit on top of towels that are placed on a flat surface. Doing this will dry your wear without compromising its durability and fading its design. Avoid leaving your wear under the sun because it will break it.

Washing and drying your plus size swimwear, bikini, or bathing suit can be very easy and quick. If you are planning to reuse your bikini, go on since you already know how to properly take care of it.


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