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Tips on Writing a Euthanasia Research Paper

Writing a research paper on euthanasia can be a daunting task, even though this is one of the most common subjects for research. The reason why euthanasia is so often researched in academic papers is because it is a controversial topic that results in various viewpoints. However, regardless of your particular opinion regarding the topic, your research paper must provide different arguments on all viewpoints before showing readers what you are trying to prove.


It is exactly for these reasons why people find it hard to start and finish a euthanasia research paper. If you are one of those people, take a look at the tips from some of the professional writers at a research paper writing service.


Define Your Viewpoint

Subjects that carry such amount of controversy must be approached at a defined stance. Therefore, it is crucial to define your viewpoint at the start in order to be able to set a thesis and prove your idea with arguments. Even though you may not be able to prove your original anticipated thesis, you still must determine if you are in favor of or against euthanasia.


Gather Reliable Sources and Information

The most reliable sources for gathering information about the subject of euthanasia are the medical journals and libraries. Of course, the internet is a great source of information, but make sure that you include only relevant and reliable sources in the paper.


Start by checking medical libraries and journal articles for the key information you will include in the research paper. Once you gather all you find to be relevant to the research, it is time to organize the information.


Organize the Information

Writing a research paper is always easier once you have an outline and some organization system that will help you in the process. Therefore, you must always take the time to organize all gathered information that will later be used to prove your argument.


Note down all sources, references and quotes you are using in your research. This will come very handy in the process of writing the references part and the methodology section of your research paper.


Think of a Strong, Inviting Title

All science papers and academic papers in general require a strong title that includes the most important idea of the research. Once you think of an inviting title, you will be able to persuade the reader to continue reading the entire research paper and inform them on what is about to be discussed.


When choosing the title, you must pay attention to the following:


  • A title must define your opinion regarding the topic
  • Titles should not contain more than 15 words
  • The title should somehow include the key point of your research

Sometimes, choosing the title is the most difficult task of writing a research paper. A good method of completing this successfully and rapidly is by writing down several title ideas and brainstorming those ideas with your friends or family. Ask people if they can understand the key idea by solely reading the title.


Make a Captivating Introduction

Once you persuade the reader with the title, your next task is to maintain their interest with the introduction. A research paper introduction must engage the reader and present the thesis by clarifying your viewpoint of the euthanasia topic.


It is the body of the article that you will use to evaluate the thesis statement, explore the options, present the advantages and disadvantages, list the findings and analyze how they prove your stance.


The End is Highly Important

Many people scribble few sentences in the conclusion part of the paper, thinking that this part is not equally important as the others. However, the conclusion is also important since this is the part where you ask people to continue with further research or show how you defended the points presented in the introduction.


Are you ready to start working on your euthanasia research paper? This is an interesting, yet highly controversial topic that requires thorough research, good writing

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