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Tips to check whether your diamond is real or fake


Diamond is one of the most loved and an expensive stone. As you are not an expert, you might not be able to recognize the authenticity of the diamond and might invest your money in fake stone. There are some basic techniques which are helpful for determining the authenticity of some great diamond discovered and save your money.   

What are the easy ways to check the diamond?

Search for impurities - you can use the magnifying glass for searching for the impurities.  You can look for scratches and air bubbles, tiny fractures etc. in your desirable diamond. You should remember that a real diamond does not contain any kind of impurities and scratches. If you find any kind of impurities then the diamond is not real and you should not waste your money in purchasing the fake diamond.

Examine the facet - if you are going to buy a diamond then you should carefully examine the facet. Basically, facet is the sharp edge of the diamond which is cut by the diamond cutter for giving it a different shape.  Real diamond contains a sharp edge. Fake diamonds are made by the process of melting zircon and glass. If the molds are used in manufacturing the diamond then the ends ds not have the sharpness.

Look at the metal - it is also important that you should look for the metal if you want to know that the diamond is real or fake. It is an easy way to determine the reality of the diamond. As you know that the diamonds are expensive so it is set in a luxurious and expensive metal. It is normally set in the platinum, rose gold, white and yellow metal. It does not set in gold and silver metal.

Sand paper the diamond - as you know that diamond is the hardest stone so the surface of the diamond does not get scratched by the sandpaper. You can ask for the sandpaper for checking the authenticity of the diamond. If the diamond is not real then the sandpaper will leave some scratches on the surface of the fake diamonds.

Breathe on the diamond - it is the one of the best and easiest ways to determine that your diamond is real or not.  You should breathe on the diamond with a warm breathe. If the diamond is real then it will not get foggy. If the diamond gets foggy for a short time then you should not buy the diamond.



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