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Toss out Your Skinny Jeans for These Amazing Trends 2019


Trends for different weathers keep changing and sometimes you just are not sure about what to follow and what you should not follow. However, there are some clothing items that have stayed in our closet for years and we neglect them since we do not know how to style that particular piece of an outfit. Usually, people own a hoard of jeans but they cannot think of the different styles and looks they could create out of them.

The next time you go out shopping and you find a womens jeans sale then just do not overlook it instead, find the perfect pair of denim jeans that you think can suit the currently existing trends for denim outfits.

Here are some of the most amazing trends for denim jeans in 2019.

Detailed hem in jeans

Regular jeans certainly have become too boring so now stylists and designers have brought a new twist to denim jeans. Detailed or knotted hems are currently in trend to bring a unique fashion statement to your typical pair of denim jeans. It might look a lot different from your traditional jeans but if you want your outfit to look like a statement look, you can wear jeans with detailed hems.

Embroidered jeans

Designers prefer to experiment with new looks and styles so just recently, they came up with a new trend and that is of embroidered jeans. Denim jeans have always been a classic for decades but the rusty and grunge look has now been changed with the inclusion of embroidery or embroidered patches on some parts of the jeans.


To add more unique details to your jeans, this latest trend is going to make you love pintucks on your jeans. This is a lot different from having embroidery patches as it is very simple and minimalistic. There are just some fine lines on the center of the jeans and the lines are extended towards the hem. Since it is so simple looking, it can be worn at almost any occasion whether it is formal or a casual day out.

Straight-leg jeans

Straight and cropped pants have been in trend for quite a while but the trend of wearing straight denim existed in the 90s and now it has made a new comeback. The part at the ankles would not be cropped and most women prefer it since it gives a feminine look to the jeans however, those who are still into vintage fashion can wear straightened jeans this season.

Low slung denim jeans

High rise jeans are the most popular amongst women since it gives them a flair of modernistic outlook but since the trends keep evolving, it is better to test out something new at times too. This trend of low slung jeans can be considered as a replacement for high rise jeans. Both do not match at all but since these two are the opposite, you know what to choose to complement your look better.




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