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Understanding the Women Casual Dressing Code

Everyone loves to dress according to their own preferences but sometimes a person has to follow a dress code. It is important to have basic knowledge of the dress codes. There are a lot of work places that have a defined dress code and if you have no understanding of the codes then you will find it hard to dress appropriately. There are some events and parties that come with a dress code. Casual dressing is just one of the dress codes that you should know.


Casual dress code:


The casual dress code is not just limited to onesies, women zip up hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and pajamas. It is more versatile than that and there are a lot of clothing options in this dress code. Here is a little guide that will give you a better understanding of the casual dress code.


The casual dress code is more about comfort rather than styling. But remember that it is possible to look stylish and be comfortable as the casual dressing is not a limited category.


The dressy casual:


The dressy casual look is the look that is perfect for a weekend outing. It is a little bit dressier than the casual look. It allows you to show your casual as well as chic side. The best clothing options for the perfect dressy casual look are short sleeve and skirts or a button up shirt. You also have the freedom of adding the accessories you want. Combine these cloths with gorgeous sandals and you will have a complete look. If you are choosing to wear jeans then pair them with small heels.


The smart casual:


Women can easily get confused by this dress code because it is not much different from dressy casual. It a little bit more sophisticated than the dressy casual. The jeans are not a part of this code. It is an appropriate code for a workplace if it does not has any strict rules or for a brunch with friends. The options you have in this code are pencil skirts that are knee length or dress pants, topped off with a nice blouse or a jacket. The look can be completed with both heels and flats.


The business casual:


It is perfect for working women as it is included in the standard office dress code. The term is used for cloths that are appropriate for wearing in a working place but are still casual. They are not strictly formal. A nice and elegant blouse paired with cropped pants is perfect example for a business casual look. Keep accessories to a minimum as you are looking to create a balanced and elegant look. There are different footwear options as well. If you are comfortable with heels then you can choose to wear pumps or wedges. But if you are not comfortable with heels you can wear flat sandals because this dress code works with both.


Having basic understanding of the dress codes makes it easier to build the wardrobe and look stylish and up-to-date on every occasion.

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