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Want White Teeth Like a Celeb - Here's What You Need to Do

The celebrities not just impress people with their talent and beautiful outfits, they also do it by using their dazzling smiles. It seems like all the actors have perfect teeth and sparkling smiles. The reason for their bright smiles is because they have professional help. If you want to have the same sparkling white teeth and a beautiful smile, then you can create your own affordable and easy teeth whitening kit.

Here are some useful tips that can help you in making sure that there are no stains and discoloring in your teeth and they are super white.

Make a Stain Blasting Formula:

You can create a mixture at home that will help in getting rid of stains and yellowing of the teeth. Take three tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Mix them to create a paste and brush your teeth with it for a sparkling smile. Keep the quantity of hydrogen peroxide solution equivalent to 3 % or less and avoid scrubbing the teeth too hard as it can damage the enamel.

Maintaining the Right Diet:

Vegetables and fruits are good for health and they are pretty beneficial for a white and bright smile. The fruits and vegetables are full of enzymes that are helpful in keeping the bacteria and plaque away. They will make sure that your teeth do not suffer from discoloring. You can use natural whitening agents like strawberries, lemons etc. to maintain your teeth.

Use Straws:

If you want to keep the teeth in good condition then you need to limit their exposure to certain drinks. It does not mean that you have to give up your favorite drinks such as wine, beer or coffee. You just need to be a little smart. You can limit the beverage exposure by using straws. You may not find it the best way of drinking wine, but it is certainly going to help your teeth. Using a straw will limit the sugar exposure. Sugar is not good for teeth so using a straw is a smart way of keeping your teeth safe.

Keeping up Proper Hygiene:

The dental hygiene is essential for keeping the teeth healthy. You should make sure that you devote some time to your teeth. You do not need to give up the morning coffee, but make sure that you brush teeth after enjoying your favorite drink. If you are drinking teeth-staining beverages after meals, then you should brush after meals. You should also floss every day as well. These practices are excellent for preventing buildup of plaque and bacteria.

Try Professional Help:

If you can afford professional help then you should try it. You can go to the dentist and try teeth whitening treatment. The professional help is the last thing that you should consider. If none of the above-mentioned techniques work, then seeking the professional help is the best option. You can also get the opinion of the dentist about things such as bleaching trays, veneers, and cosmetic laser treatment. 


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