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What is express cleaning and what is its use


To think that mandatory cleaning of the apartment on weekends is a long tradition, wrong. Our distant ancestors dispensed with total cleanliness approximately once a season, limited to periodic express cleaning. And only with the onset of the industrial revolution, when a 5-day working week was established, the necessity to “kill” the day off for cleaning the house came about . After all, the work in production was hard, exhausting - the workers did not have the strength to tidy up after the shift.

But it’s a pity to spend hours of long-awaited leisure time on rushing with a rag, a vacuum cleaner? Instead, it’s much nicer to relax, take a walk, visit interesting places. If funds allow (there aren’t many, it’s a matter of priorities), you can hire a cleaning company for cleaning , and indulge yourself in the desired pastime. No wonder our service site is so popular in Chernihiv. More economical owners can master express cleaning - it will save effort and free up the weekend.

The essence of express cleaning

This is a short cleaning mode that takes up to half an hour daily. When every day you start to clean up products of your own life, an understanding comes of how many of them accumulate. But many are used to breathing dust, cluttering up living space, and only once a week they gather with the spirit to clear it up, having engaged in exhausting flyttstädning Stockholm.

It is worth learning to live in the midst of permanent cleanliness, to walk on the floor in snow-white socks, not soiling soles. How is this possible?

Rules for express cleaning:

  • After use, put each item in place.
  • Dirty clothes, linen should be washed.
  • To make the bed.
  • When making a morning toilet, wipe the sink, mirror, walls, faucet.
  • Do not store used dishes - either mine or load into the dishwasher.
  • A stove, utensils, countertops are immediately washed.
  • Every day we brush off a dusty coating, I wash the floors of public areas, every other day - inside the living quarters.

We achieve express cleaning of the state of full order so as not to blush in front of potential or real guests. Now cleaning is not needed on weekends - the house is continuously clean.

Express Cleaning Algorithm

We focus on the degree of pollution - we decide where to make efforts in the allotted 30 minutes. The philosophy of express cleaning is simple - cleaning up after yourself should be as natural as brushing a toilet trail with a brush or wiping a puddle of suddenly spilled liquid.

  • First, we rake the abalone - take dirty cups, plates, collect scattered things, children's toys, books, notebooks.
  • Then we clean the living space - we wipe the dust, we make the bed, we take apart the clothes left to the eye.
  • While preparing breakfast, we quickly bring gloss to the kitchen.
  • Taking a shower, along the way, cleaning the inside of the bathroom - wipe the shelves, tiles, plumbing, collect garbage.

If there are a lot of rooms and households - we alternate rooms, we actively involve family members in cleaning the apartment . It remains to walk with a mop and you can exhale - comfort and order reign at home, and weekends are free!


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