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What Is Interesting About the New Freshwater Pearls?

A new freshwater pearl is making its way. Farmers have recently grown it in China and its fragrance is going to spread in the various areas of the world.

What is distinctive about the new freshwater pearl?

This pearl is large in size and has a bead-shaped nucleus. Another remarkable feature of this pearl is its size. These pearls are huge in size and also very colorful. This pearl is cultivated in the organ present inside a mussel.

So, a single shell can only deal with one implant. Farmers mostly sell their yields on the basis of their weight. Due to this reason, it has been observed that a large size pearl implies larger profit.

How does a freshwater pearl look like?

New and colorful freshwater pearl has got a bead inside it. Farmers have become perfect in cultivating pearls with bead-nucleus in the mantle present in a host mussel. This implies that an individual pearl shell can even grow ten shells at one time. Smaller beads when used results in formation of smaller size of the resulting pearl. The strand used in the image is just 8.5mm to 9.0 mm in size.

What makes this pearl stand out from other types of pearls available currently?

This pearl is considered to be faultless. Color is one of the features that set this pearl apart. It has got an intense color like its other larger and bead-nucleated cousins. It is its perfection in design, intense saturated pink and purple color, and dazzling brightness is what makes this pearl very popular.

This pearl is of superior quality, and high-grade. They have perfectly round shape. Its sizes differ but it is nearly about 3 quarter of one inch. This pearl has got an amazing shine that can even beat the luster of South Sea Pearls.


This freshwater new pearl has begun to arrive on the offline and online jewelry market. Hopefully, in the next few months and years, we are going to see a lot of these pearls. Coming years are sure to be really special!


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