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What's Trending in Teenage Fashion?


The year 2019 is ending and we still have some pretty amazing trends to follow in the fashion industry. Almost every other teenager around the world follows several amazing fashion trends and become die-hard fans of these trends. Most of the time, these trends are set by teenagers themselves who believe in freedom of expression. These celebrity teens know their taste in fashion is unique and will be followed by the majority of teenagers.

Trends are subject to change from time to time, especially because teenagers can’t hold themselves back from expressing. When a typical teenager gets bored with some specific fashion taste, they tend to experiment more as much as possible. For them, fashion trends are more likely a blank canvas and they just need to keep painting.

There’s no stopping from winning this game of fashion, from silhouettes to puffy sleeves and exaggerated tailoring, everything is fashion. Teenagers do realize that their best-worn outfits will be replicated by others. They know they’ll be in the limelight for a very long time, which leads to the renewal of several famous fashion trends. Pavement brand USA keeps teenagers updated with the latest trends to follow and shop online.

Many teenagers out there need style inspirations for the new year 2020. To help them out, we have streamlined some really popular fashion trends of 2019. From simple to edgy, everything is mentioned below for better guidance of teenagers. So let’s not waste any more time and check out the latest fashion trend everyone’s talking about:

1. Bike Shorts

Believe it or not, bike shorts are the new favorite trend around the world. It’s the latest unisex trend which has been in the fashion industry for quite some time now. This sporty trend first began in summer 2018 but didn’t gain much attention. Then this trend showed up with full force in the year 2019 and has been in the market ever since. The best thing about bike shorts is that they can be worn with literally anything. This Kardashian-Jenner inspired look of bike shorts can be paired with baggy sweatshirts, tank tops, hoodies, jackets, and whatnot. Teenagers are absolutely in love with these shorts as they know they can look sleek and feel comfy at the same time.

2. Oversized Puffers

Well, oversized puffers have been highly embraced by the young lads who love to experiment with their wardrobe. The year 2019 is filled with celebrities trying out colorful oversized puffers. This gigantic puffer style has even made the runways and teenagers cannot have enough of it. What’s even better about this trend is its comfort level. No one needs to feel out of breath after putting it on and literally, anybody can slay in an oversized puffer. Being fashionable and comfortable at the same time makes this fashion even trend even more flawless.

3. Puff Sleeves

This fashion trend is more towards the vintage look of dressing up, which is admired by many individuals out there. For many teenagers, this might be the most understated fashion trend which needs more recognition in the fashion industry. Moreover, it’s a minimalistic way of dressing way which gives a very feminine touch to the overall attire. A trend like this should be adopted by teenagers whenever they feel like dressing up for dinner or an official event.

4. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have been in the fashion world since the early 1990s and they are here to stay (forever). This vintage look is everyone’s favorite, be it teenagers or adults. People love to wear these cozy and baggy pants on a frequent basis. Not just that, but cargo pants can be easily paired up with any fitted sportswear, cool sneakers, tank tops, etc. Cargo pants have this evergreen print and texture which is loved by many people. From wide-legged to slim-fit, cargo pants are available in various sizes, colors, and designs.

5. Jumpsuits

One can never go wrong with jumpsuits that do come in different styles and sizes. In this fast-developing world, people are always on the lookout for trying new things in life. Even then, there are some teenagers who find beauty in wearing things that fall under their comfort zones. Jumpsuits are one way to dress up and look sleek as ever. You can always play with it and do some mix and match while wearing a jumpsuit. Just like cargo pants, it’s a vintage-inspired outfit that is easy to pull off at different events. Paired with the right accessories and shoes, a jumpsuit can outnumber other fashion trends in 2020.

6. Statement Sneakers

Statement sneakers have all the limelight in the world, right after all the famous celebrities started wearing them. These social media influencers knew just the right way of bringing sneakers back into the runway, which has its charm. Like the rest of the trendsetters, statement sneakers not only look cool but they also give out very cozy vibes. Nowadays, teenagers want to make a statement and sneakers are just the right solutions to pull that off. From athletic wear to picnic wear, sneakers are here to stay and slay as long as possible.

7. Oval Sunglasses

While talking about fashion trends, we cannot ignore the latest trend being set by oval sunglasses. These sunglasses are the latest fashion accessory to afford in order to look edgy and sassy. This new eyewear is unisex and people of any age can look fabulous in it. Oval sunglasses have many unique shades and sizes to choose from, at highly affordable prices. In addition to that, these sunglasses complete every single outfit, from mini dress to jumpsuits, shorts, baggy tees, etc. This type of accessory is the right need of the fashion industry and more teenagers need to own it.


Teenagers have a keen dressing sense and they do know how to be a little more creative with their wardrobe. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with being different and unique in a world full of like-minded people. Fashion trends not only support individualistic point of views, but they also help in bringing out a different image of teens. The way people dress up tells a lot about their personalities and fashion trends to work on these personality characteristics. From denim to fur coats, every single piece of garment tells a story. This is how trends travel from one region to another, catering to different needs of different people. They are here to stay for a reason and teenagers are just the right target market to play with.



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