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It’s unlikely that the videographer is sane, especially if his YouTube profile (not as many as you think) puts commercial music (that is, the one you hear on the radio, even the most shabby pop musician) into your video, knowing that it is supposed to go online. On YouTube (and other video hosting sites too), there has recently been a massive sweep of pirated content, and this applies to music.


The basic rule is: do not violate other people's rights. Fair play - then you can demand the protection of your own.

If you need more information about the reasons for using music without violating rights, first watch my video, and I will continue. I also don’t see the reasons for using music for free in paid projects. Do not underestimate the cost of video for the customer by stealing music, using non-commercial (because video for money = commercial video) or ownerless (that is, again, stealing) - use good commercial, picking it up with a customer on a service like https://taketones.com (not advertising , I just use it myself if necessary), transferring my costs to the customer. This is not your problem - your problem is to create high-quality content, and music is its indispensable condition.

There are also reasons for using free music - these are non-profit projects:

  • you are a (beginner) blogger. Blogging, in principle, is not the most profitable item on a videographer’s budget, and putting cool music in a non-profit non-movie video. You grow up and throw money.
  • You decided to do a good deed and donate your work as a contribution to a charity / non-profit project. This is right, because if you do not grow up as a videographer, you become a better person and bring benefits to society, creating intangible value, for which they will say thanks.

Free Music Sources

  • YouTube library . Yes, she already got everyone, so if you have already studied it in some detail in the framework of music genres, scroll down.
  • Allowed commercial music . Part of the music is allowed for popularization by musicians. You can safely put it in your videos, only deductions will have to be shared with the author. But the quality of music is higher than completely free. You can’t download it from the specified link (it is commercial and is sold on appropriate platforms for a penny, such as Google Play or iTunes), but you can find out if it can be used. I note that downloading it from prohibited resources is also not comme il faut, I do not recommend doing this and strongly against it, but they say that our police can not catch pirates. Search here only for items expressly authorized for use. They usually range from a direct ban when you are told openly that music cannot be used in video, the second option is when the music is blocked in a certain number of countries, for example 245, this option is acceptable, but I still do not recommend using this music in the video, because what is the use if it is shown in the USA, but not in Russia? But what we are looking for is the point when it is indicated that music is available in all countries. At the same time, there is always a reservation that this video will be included in the income distribution program, which means
  • Audio Library - it comes out almost on the first request on YouTube itself. They have their own YouTube channel, but it’s more convenient to listen to music directly on their website. Since there is no search by genre here, you will have to listen to almost the entire library in your searches. It pleases at least that the music here is not bad, even if it is not so much.
  • Teknoaxe is another resource with free music, the organizers have collected music here that is distributed under the terms of Creative commons, that is, as for any other music, you must mention it in the credits, while the resource is live, and new tracks are added there every a week. There is a rather primitive, but quite working sorter that allows you to break this music into several genres, there are also a number of articles that clarify the terms of use and more. Music is also listened directly from YouTube.
  • Josh Woodward , has manually collected more than 200 songs on his website, which can also be downloaded and used on Creative Commons terms. Yes, the database is not very large, but what’s convenient for him is that you can download the entire collection immediately (personally, it’s more convenient for me to drop everything into the player and listen locally).
  • CC Mixter offers licenses only for non-commercial projects, it is a whole community of adequate musicians interested in popularizing their names, so use it safely. There is also music that can be used in commercial projects, but for the reasons that I mentioned above, I do not recommend this.
  • Free Stock Music - in fact, free stock, there are such for photos. Here you can download anything you want and use in any projects. The disadvantage of the resource is that during registration there are constantly problems, and it just took me a couple of hours to correspond with the administration to wait for a response letter. It seemed to me that they do not particularly support the site itself, but, nevertheless, it works and is quite used.
  • Free Music Archive - you can choose not just any music, but also collect playlists for commercial use (for example, not only in video, but also for catering enterprises that put music in their institution and are worried about copyright infringement).
  • Netlabels is also a convenient service not only for finding music, but also for streaming in public places without the risk of getting a fine, an affordable playlist organization and a choice of genre will probably be suitable for this.

All music that you download must be indicated in the credits.

An exception can be made only for videos on Instagram - but only because of the footage, because it’s difficult to put a video sequence in a minute. But the credits of the author need to be indicated. You were given a non-exclusive license, and the author has these exclusive rights to sell music to another. And you are obliged to indicate the author in the credits, we will return to the reason Fair play above. Respect your colleagues. These are the terms of the Creative commons license.


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