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With LA Mink Lash Extensions, Mascara is No Longer Necessary

I first learned about the eyelash extensions at the Los Angeles law office where I'm employed as a paralegal. I was dumbfounded by a co-worker's gorgeous eyelashes, and I just had to know what brand of mascara she used. I asked her and she told me that the epic fringes were mink eyelash extensions, and that she hadn't even worn mascara or curled her lashes in close to a year! I was surprised because I never saw a visible band binding the false lashes, which is usually a dead giveaway.


Giving Eyelash Extensions A Try

I had to get in on this craze, and scheduled an appointment with her recommended lash extension technician She was wonderful, and helpfully guided me through the process. First, she asked if I wanted a natural curl or the more dramatic style, like those seen in the Hollywood area. I opted for the drama, and have never seen my eyes so full-looking, almost popping out among my other features!


How The Process Works

Your lash technician will judge the length and extensions that will work best on you by taking your own lashes into account. My lashes are average to long, so she decided on a combination of 10, 12, and 14 mm long extensions for me. I really wanted a glammed and glitzed look, so the longer, the better!


She then took lightly adhesive patches made from silicone to pin my lower lashes down securely. Afterward, she used a medical grade adhesive to attach pre-curled, mink lash extensions to each of my separated real lashes, attaching them at the base.


It took about 3 hours to complete the process, and I had to remain extremely still. After the first hour, I was so tired that I actually fell asleep. However, the process was completely painless with the possible exception of the time that the technician had to use a metal tool to remove some adhesive from the lower lash area, which could have irritated my eyes. This is not something that typically happens, though.


Simple Aftercare Instructions

I was discharged with some easy-to-follow instructions. First, I was not to submerge them in water for at least 24 hours, so baths, hot tubs, and swimming were out. I also had to refrain from using any oils, creams, or moisturizers near my eyes. This especially applied to make-up remover with the ingredient glycol.


She also had me make an appointment to get them “refiled” in approximately 3 weeks, and strangely enough, she insisted that I do not curl my lashes or apply mascara. Personally, I thought that adding mascara to my newly-minted lashes would be a requirement for them to appear full, but that actually wasn't the case at all!


Long-lasting Results

I started to notice that right before my next scheduled appointment, my eyelashes were starting to look a bit unkempt. Many had fallen out, along with the original lashes that they were glued to, and while this is natural, it can look jarring among the other enhanced lashes. Some of the extensions were also starting to face the opposite direction of my natural lashes, giving my eyes a strange appearance.


That all being said, the lash extensions held on quite well over the course of three weeks. They survived swimming in the Pacific, stomach sleeping, and over 20 showers. So, with no regrets, I now happily have my lashes filled in every two weeks (rather than three) and have threw away my lash curlers and mascara for good!

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